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What sets our team apart?

What sets our team apart?

Sunora Solar has been successful owing to its strong reputation, values, and industry leadership and most importantly: a highly skilled set of employees.

Innovation In Diversity
Innovation in Diversity

Our business caters to a diverse set of industries; therefore, we believe in ideas that come from an equally diverse group of people. That’s why we have people from all walks of life – of different interests, genders, economical background and religions. Goldi Solar also employs people with disabilities. We promise a platform where every employee is provided with the tools, techniques and the teams to navigate their solar journey.

Fun Activities At Work
Happy Workplace

We want our employees not only to feel good in their jobs in the office and at home - but to be genuinely proud to represent the company. A happy, optimistic outlook is contagious, and will improve productivity and motivation for the whole office. Hence, we provide a safe and happy work environment with a healthy work-life balance to nurture our talent. All of this, while working for a world-class brand in the solar power industry.

Work Ethics
Work Ethics

We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and the grit to get the job done. We are constantly searching for original and better ways to excel, not only providing solutions for unmet needs now but also the future. We maintain the highest level of business conduct in all our interactions. Every decision we make and every action we take reflects our core values, our belief in a sustainable world, and the transparency and integrity of the industry as a whole.

Performance Recognition​
Performance Recognition

We ensure that we recognize a job well done. We understand that this goes a long way in employee motivation and satisfaction. We believe that this is also a critical factor in employee retention. Employee of the month award, incentives for highest attendance and best salesman of the year are only some of the awards that we give as a way of recognition.

Fun activities at work

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